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Distribution of Turkana Bible Scriptures

The Turkana are a nomadic group found at the extreme north-western corner of Kenya. Their Neighbors to the north are the Toposa, Jie and Nyangatom of Sudan, and to the west are the Karamojong of Uganda. These as well as the Teso of Uganda and those of Kenya form a closely knit cluster of mutually intelligible dialects.

The Turkana translation was started sometime in the early 1970s with the help of Joan Anderson and Jenny van der Klis of the AIM with Isaya and Joyce Emanikor as translators. It should be noted that this was the first translation project in East Africa to have a native speaker translation team of husband and wife.

The Gospel of Mark was published in 1972, John in 1973, James and 1-3 John in 1975, Luke and Acts in 1976, while the entire New Testament was published by BSK in 1986. The translation of the entire Old Testament has now been completed and is currently being prepared for publication. Genesis was published in 1987, Exodus and Joshua in 1990 and Psalms in 1994. This is a common Language, functional equivalence translation under the direction and guidance of the Bible Society of Kenya and UBS, as are most of the ones named above except where indicated otherwise.

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You can get involved in availing a Bible for the Turkana community by:

Buying a Bible for an individual or Church. BSK can deliver the Bibles on your behalf. Each Bible costs Ksh 870. BSK is currently running a literacy programme in Turkana which aims at empowering communities with literacy skills to enhance Scripture knowledge.

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